Various Tests

We perform the following standardized tests:
  • Pilling test with the Textest device (Method developed by the Danish Textile Institute).
  • Odour and vulcanisation test (TFI method).
  • ISO 2094, Determination of thickness loss under dynamic loading.
  • ISO 3415, Determination of thickness loss after brief, moderate static loading (Chair leg test).
  • ISO 3416, Determination of thickness loss after prolonged, heavy static loading.
  • ISO 4919, Determination of Tuft withdrawal force of carpet pile.
  • Textile Floor coverings – Laboratory soiling test using a Kappasoil Rapid Soil Applicator (IWS Test Method No. 267 and ISO DIS 11378 – 1).
  • Various Yarn tests: (Moisture content – Yarn Count – Number of Twists (both spinning and final) – Yarn strength).
  • Oil content of Yarn according to the Soxhlet method.
  • Fibre analysis (both Microscopic and Chemical).
  • Various Microscopical analyses.
  • Delamination.
  • ISO 10965, Determination of electrical resistance.
Diverse tests
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How to find us

foamtex is situated in the heart of Jutland in Denmark.