ISO 14001 – Organised and Effective Environmental Management

Product development and environmental management are closely related. It is important to look at the environmental aspects when new products are developed and introduced. The environmental management by foamtex is based on ISO 14001 and the system is integrated in our existing quality management system. ISO 14001 deals with the external environment, but we have also chosen to integrate the internal work environment in our system.

Minimal Impact on the Environment

In coorperation with DM&T (Dansk Mode & Tekstil) foamtex a-s has fixed some maximum values for residual monomers in our latex. New types of latex are always analysed before they are used in the production. TFI (Teppich-Forschung-International) has measured the smoke emission from our factory. The emissions were analysed for organic components and ammonia and the concentration of these components was very low. The environmental department has taken a very active part in developing our eco-friendly carpet backing, which is very unique and exclusively manufactured by foamtex.


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