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Pipe Extruder

Fully Automated Pipe Extrusion Line

We manufacture the pipes used for the carpet rolls on our high performance fully automated extrusion line. Our pipe extruder is able to extrude pipes with very fine tolerances, which is necessary for our automatic carpet rolling and wrapping device. The pipes are made of environmentally friendly polyethylene plastic.


The pipes can be burned without emitting hazardous substances, but we strongly recommend that the pipes are disposed at your waste deposit centre for recycling. They can then be included in the recycling cycle and used again as PE plastic material. To build upon this cradle-to-cradle principle, we always use recycled PE plastic for our pipes. The PE typically comes from pipes, boxes or bottle caps that were once made of PE plastic.


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How to find us

foamtex is situated in the heart of Jutland in Denmark.

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